Finding a reliable and trustworthy place to convert airtime or bonga points to mpesa in Kenya is a headache. We however strive to make it as simple as possible. You may have accumulated excess airtime or bonga points and wish to change airtime or bonga points to cash. We are here to help you.




Hi wonderful people, thank you for checking out this web page. Your being here means in one way or another you need help with converting your airtime or bonga points to Mpesa. Let me tell you a little about Shopika and how this works.
Shopika is an online platform for converting Airtime or Bonga points  to Mpesa. It is an online platform. I know most of you get chills with the mention of the word “Online”. It is okay to be cautious because conmen have flooded most online markets. ‘HOW CAN I TRUST YOU?’ is the common question that most prospective clients ask. There is only one way to build trust if you are new to the services. This way is commonly used in online transactions. These are:
START WITH LESS: If you have 10,000 airtime to convert (we convert even more up to 100k), start with the little amount you are willing to risk like 10 or 20 or 100. After the 1st transaction is successful, increase the amount to risk to a figure you are comfortable with. You can do this progressively until you are confident to convert the whole amount. This is the best method.

Whether we help you depends on your willingness to try us. If you can’t have even minimal confidence we cannot help you.