Cheap Safaricom Airtime Kenya

Safaricom airtime is available for sale at 5% discount. Example 1000 retails for 950/=. If interested visit

Why so cheap? Airtime is a daily need. It is a widely used commodity. Anybody who owns a phone uses airtime everyday. Like any product, you can have airtime in excess and we most often love to dispose excess for one reason or another. Airtime is used to make calls, buy data bundles, subscribe to premium plans, texting and can be used as a reward or gift.

We buy airtime from individuals with excess at discounted prices to make it available to you at cheap rates. Some times we help people who have mistakenly bought airtime from Mpesa and for one reason or another that transaction cannot be reversed.

Is it normal airtime? You can sambaza it, use it to buy data, subscribe to any network plan. Sambaza airtime is not any different from top up airtime unless there is a current promotion for scratch card top ups.

There is however a constant question about bonga points. Most people don’t know how bonga points are accumulated. This is how they are accumulated; when you use airtime! It does not matter whether the airtime is direct top up or sambaza airtime, the only time you earn bonga points is when you use airtime in calling, texting, Mpesa transaction and subscribing to plans. It is contrary to what many believe that the one who sambazas you airtime remains with your bonga points.

So we also make available airtime at a discount (5%). This means that for 100 bob airtime you save 5 bob. Many people use more than this per day. 5 bob saved per day is kshs 150 per month. Heavy users even get to save more. For 10,000 worth of airtime, you save kshs 500. How cheap can it get?

If interested to buy our cheap airtime plans, anytime you want to buy airtime visit and we will be glad to serve you.
Call/Text/WhatsApp: 0710484512

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