How To Save Data Bundles, Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom in Kenya

“How can I save my Safaricom Data Bundles? Why are my bundles exhausted so fast? How can I prevent my Safaricom data bundles from being consumed very fast?Theseare the questions many Kenyans ask themselves. Shopika News will provide ways of ensuring you save your data bundles as you enjoy browsing the internet.

If you are facing this problem, this is how to solve it.

Restrict Background Data on your smartphone
The first thing to do when you buy a smartphone is to ensure you restrict background data. By doing so you ensure some applications don’t use data bundles when the mobile data is switched on.

Allow Updates on Wifi only
In your smartphone, there is a section where you restrict update of applications through Mobile Data. This is the most crucial point to note. If you don’t restrict updates through mobile data, you will find your phone exhausting data bundles as soon as you purchase them.

You know, there are applications which can consume up to 1 gb of data bundles. These applications should not be allowed to update through mobile data, WiFi is the most ideal way of updating them.

Block Facebook Live Videos/Autoplay
You have discovered that when you log on to Facebook, there are videos which start playing without even clicking on them. When they play, your data bundle is used and you should be aware that a single video can use up to 200 MBs of data bundles.

You should only unblock auto play of live videos if you believe you are comfortable playing a specific video.

You can switch Facebook’s video autoplay settings on or off. To stop videos from playing automatically on your computer/phone:

From the top right of Facebook, click and select Settings
1. Click Videos in the left menu
2. Click the dropdown menu next to Autoplay Videos and select Off
3. Learn how to turn off autoplay videos on your mobile phone.
4.Always use 2G or 3G, Use 4G when you are browsing something simple.
4G network is the fastest in terms of internet speed but it consumes more bundles .When you use 2G, the speed is slow but the bundles you use are less. If I were you, I could use 2G when I am on Facebook and WhatsApp and only use 4G and 3G when I am on Google.

Always switch off Mobile data
There is no need of stressing more on this, you know you must switch off mobile data when you are not browsing.

Avoid watching YouTube and other Videos using Mobile Data Bundles
YouTube and Videos on Facebook are heavy. In fact it’s rare to find a YouTube video which is less than 2MB. When you buy 100MB of data bundles and go straight to YouTube, I can tell you the bundles won’t last 20 minutes.

Employ Data Manager Tactics
Data Manager ensures that  you  are not using airtime when browsing the internet. Data charges will only be on your data bundles. This service is available by dialing *544# under the name Data Manager. Dial *544# and select Data Manager then choose “Activate”. Speed is good when browsing.

Restrict automatic updates in your laptop if you are used to connecting with your phone data.
Automatic updates on your laptop should always be blocked whenever you are using your phone bundles to browse with your laptop.

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    1. Hello Patrick, Telkom doesn’t have an option for buying bundles for another number. We sell discounted Telkom airtime, in which you can buy then dial *544# to buy Telkom bundles of your choice.

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