Tomatoes Farming Step by Step Guide – Timothy Angwenyi

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Learn How To Start A Profitable Tomatoes Farming Agribusiness.

The market demand for tomatoes is always high in Kenya. This explains why tomato farming in Kenya is such a profitable business idea. Tomatoes grow very fast. Most tomato varieties in Kenya such as the Anna F1 reach maturity 60-75 days after transplanting..

A well-grown tomato fruit can weigh more than 150 grams and give a yield of more than 30 tonnes per acre. One can eat the tomatoes while fresh, cook them as vegetables, add to salads or get the processed tomatoes.

Provide warm conditions with average humidity to make more money with tomato farming in Kenya. Extremely high temperatures will lead to lower yields. In addition, excessive humidity will increase susceptibility to tomato diseases such as the bacterial wilt.

In this eBook, you will find the following chapters:

Chapter 1: Introduction & Cost of starting Tomatoes Farming
Chapter 2: Ecological Requirements for successful cultivation
Chapter 3: Tomato Varieties
Chapter 4: Planting and Nursery Preparation
Chapter 5: Crop husbandry
Chapter 6: Pest and Diseases
Chapter 7: Harvesting
Chapter 8: Postharvest handling
Chapter 9: Tomato Marketing

Tomatoes Farming Step by Step Guide – Timothy Angwenyi
KSh 100