Safaricom Bonga Points Kenya

Safaricom Bonga Points is a loyal scheme made for all Safaricom customers, whether postpaid or prepaid subscribers. The scheme awards points to only registered users for every activity they do on the network. I bet you have heard of this service before, correct? However, do you have any idea on how you can register, check balance, transfer and redeem Bonga Points? Additionally, have you heard of Jisort and Pepea na Bonga Points schemes? Walk with me through the content to understand more of it.

Unlike other mobile service providers in Kenya, Safaricom Bonga Point product not only gives airtime gifts but also other rewards. You can get Bonga Points rewards ranging from mobile phones to Wi-Fi routers and modems. In fact, Safaricom Bonga Point service is actually seen as the second largest Safaricom product after M-pesa. The name Bonga is coined from Swahili and literally means chat or talk to someone. Here is all the information you need to know about Safaricom Bonga Point scheme.

How to register for Bonga Points

From your Safaricom line, dial *126# to enroll to this program. Reply with 4 in the dialogue box and press the send button. After successfully registering to the scheme, a text message confirming your registration status will be sent to you and 10 absolutely free pointswill be credited to your account.

Alternatively, if you are lazy enough to just dial *126#, you can navigate to the location of your SIM toolkit app and launch it. Click on Safaricom+ option then to Bonga. From there the enroll option is clearly visible.

If you go a mile ahead and register all your personal information required, 30 free bonga points will be credited to your account. To register for the required personal information, visit a Safaricom agent or a Safaricom customer care center near you. Each time you use 10 bob from your Safaricom line, 1 bonga point will be credited to your account.

How to check bonga points balance

So, you have just successfully registered for the loyalty scheme, what’s the procedure on how to check bonga points from your Simcard? It’s simple, you can either dial *456*3# and follow prompts or just send a text message to 124 with the word “POINTS”. Note that Safaricom switched from the old *124# method of checking bonga points balance.

Here is exactly how to check Safaricom bonga points balance:

  • For prepay, check your balance after an hour from your last airtime usage.
  • For post-paid subscribers, bonga point balances are usually reflected back as soon as Safaricom updates your call records.

Bonga point pin

To ensure that your loyalty points are safe from fraudsters, it’s always wise to set a bonga point pin. Here is exactly how you can set a bonga points pin.

For prepay customers

1. Dial *126# from your dialer.

2. Reply with 98 to load more options.

3. Reply with 6 to set your bonga point pin. Alternatively, you can skip step 2 and directly dial 6.

4. Next, reply with 1 to set a new pin.

5. You will be prompted to enter your national identification number. Do so and press the send button.

6. In the next dialogue box, reply with the last amount of money you topped up recently to your Simcard and press the send button.

7. Enter your new pin in the next window and click on the send option.

8. Confirm the new bonga point pin you have just entered and proceed to the next step. Make sure that the two pins are similar since the system will not accept different pins.

9. A new window will appear showing up the pin that has been successfully set up.

For postpaid subscribers, call the Safaricom customer care representatives from your respective Simcard by dialing 200. Your pin will be automatically set so you don’t have to worry about any procedures.

How to change bonga point pin

In case you doubt the security of your current pin or rather the pin may have leaked, it’s always handy to change it. Follow the procedure below:

For prepaid customers

1. Dial *126# from your Safaricom Simcard.

2. Reply with 98 to load more options.

3. Once another dialogue box appears, reply with 6 to change your bonga points pin. Alternatively, you can skip step number 2 and just reply with 6 without having to load up more options.

4. Next, reply with option 2 to change the current PIN.

5. You will be prompted to enter your current pin. Do so and press the send button

6. Enter your new pin in the dialogue box and click on the send option.

7. Confirm the new pin you have just entered in the previous window. Make sure that the two pins are similar.

For post-paid subscribers

1. Dial *126# from you post-paid line.

2. Reply with option 5 to change your pin

3. Next, you will be prompted to enter the current pin. Do so and press the send button.

4. Enter the new pin you want to set then click on the send option to move to the next window.

5. Confirm the pin you just entered in the previous step and click on the send option. Make sure the pins are similar.

That is it, now you have successfully changed your bonga point pin. It is wise to keep it safe and secret so that you won’t have to change it again in the future.

How to redeem Bonga points

You can redeem Bonga points to get various bonga points offers. These Safaricom Bonga points offers include SMS and MMS, minutes (talk time), data, credit and some merchandise. This makes it possible to save money by using Bonga points. The following is how you can redeem Bonga points.

1. Dial *126# from your dialer.

2. Reply with option 3 to redeem bonga points.

3. Choose the offers you wish to get starting from Data, SMS, talk time minutes to credit.

4. After successful redemption, a text message confirming your actions will be sent to you.

To redeem bonga points for merchandise, visit any Safaricom retail outlet shop near you. Jisort na Bonga points from as little as 11,700 points and get various Bonga points rewards available in the shops. We have various Bonga points offer as per the number of points an individual has in the matrix list.

Flexi Bonga

With this service, buying new phones for Bonga points just got better. You can now pay for phones and other accessories at any Safaricom outlet shop using your Bonga points even if the items are not in the Bonga points matrix list. All you have to do is pay half of the price using cash then the other half pay with your Bonga points. Dial *126# then reply with 8 to see the full list of flex Bonga offers.

Fly with Bonga points

Bonga points rewards got even “more better” with this service. Imagine redeeming bonga points for a Kenya Airways ticket. Sounds really great, right? With just 40,000points you are guaranteed to get a Mombasa return ticket! With 28,000 points, you just earned a one way Mombasa to Nairobi Kenya Airways economy class ticket. Dial *126# and reply with the necessary prompts to have a flight to any destination of your choice in accordance to you bonga points wallet. The only limitation with this service is that you can only use your loyalty points to pay for domestic flights only. Visit a Safaricom customer care center near you or contact the Kenya Airways sales office for more information.

Sambaza Bonga points

Points earned from this loyalty scheme can be transferred. Safaricom must be the first mobile service provider worldwide to allow transfer of points earned from loyalty. With all that freedom you can:

1. Convert your bonga points to cash by selling them to a friend

2.You can buy bonga points from someone.

3. You can also get a loan with bonga points!

4. And lastly, you can earn some interest by investing with your bonga points.

The service is only made for sharing bonga points with your friends and family so that you can “changa” enough points to redeem certain merchandise-“Haba na Haba…”

How to transfer bonga points

Stuck on how you can transfer bonga points to a friend? Use the procedure below

1. Dial *126# from your Safaricom line.

2. Reply with the transfer bonga points option.

3. You will be prompted to enter the recipient Safaricom number. Do so and then click on the send button.

4. Enter the bonga points you want to transfer. Then press the send button

5. Next, reply with your pin number.

6. A window will appear asking you to confirm if you really want to transfer your loyalty points to the number you entered. Confirm if it’s the correct number before pressing the send button

7. If the transfer was successful, a text message confirming the action will be sent immediately to your Simcard.

The Safaricom minimum bonga points transfer is as little as 50 points. However, you must have a balance of not less than 100 points to qualify for a transfer.

Lipa na bonga points

We all know of the lipa na M-Pesa product, right? But how many people know the new lipa na bonga service? Probably very few people know it. Lipa na bonga is a service that enables you to pay for your bills using your loyalty points. I mean you can go shopping, fill your trolley and do so many things using your points. All you need to do is:

1. Visit the eligible lipa na M-Pesa Safaricom outlets.

2. Shop buy whatever you want in accordance with your bonga points balance.

3. Dial *126# and reply with lipa na bonga points. Pay the bill and walk out majestically

When converting bonga point to cash, every 10 points gives you two shillings. If you are not sure of how much money you will get, use the bonga points calculator. While using this calculator, you have an option to send the calculation results to your email for future reference. Be sure of what amount you will get before going out for shopping-use the bonga points calculator.

The following are the main participating lipa na bonga points merchants: Nakumatt, Chandarana, Naivas, Total, AGM, Shell, Goodlife pharmacy, Turskys, Bata, Uchumi, Animet, and Postpay.

Other secondary merchants include: Cleanshelf, Peter Mulei & Sons supermarket, Kamindi Selfridges, Eastleigh Mattresses, Kassmatt limited, Muthai supermarket, Khatia drapers, HELB, Nice supermarket, Jikokoa, Tumaini self-services, Friends Engen, MAX, National oil, Migokoko African dishes, NAS Airport services, Friends, Planet yoghurt, Shate hotel, Java, Wonderland foods, USIU, Dominos pizza, Mr Shawarma, Coldsten party platters, Dickson hot kitchen, Mestyle collections, The place Grill, Loyna candles, PrimeChic, ACK Imani Conference Center and Guest House.

Buy Bonga Points Here

Safaricom bonga points terms and conditions

Safaricom bonga points terms and conditions must be adhered to. The following are the main terms and conditions:

Bonga points eligibility

Every Safaricom subscriber is eligible to participate in this loyal scheme. However, “simu ya jamii” and sambaza dealers are excluded from this product.

Redeeming bonga points

Once you have requested to redeem your points, you cannot revoke or reverse the request. Consequently, if your points are redeemed without your knowledge Safaricom PLC will not be responsible.Postpaid subscribers can neither redeem bonga points to get free airtime nor use bonga points to pay their outstanding bills.

Bonga points expiry

Accumulated bonga points will expire after a certain period which will be communicated by Safaricom. As soon as your points expire, no cash refunds or compensations can be offered by the company.

Bonga points transfer

To be able to perform a transfer, you must have a minimum of 100 bonga points. The minimum amount of bonga points you can transfer per attempt is 50 points. Additionally, cannot transfer all your bonga points since a minimum of 50 bonga points balance is mandatory.

These points can only be transferred to registered subscribers. You can transfer them as many times as you wish since no limit to the number of times you do so.

General issues

Bonga points neither have a cash value nor can they be exchanged for money. It is against Safaricom bonga points terms and conditions to sell and buy bonga points. If you engage in such activities, you risk being barred from ever accessing the loyalty scheme.

Collect as many Safaricom bonga points as you can to redeem them later for some goodies. With all these information covered here, what else would you want to know about bonga loyalty scheme? Just adhere to the terms and conditions of the program while using it.

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